Someone asked me recently what my goals were for our church. I told them, to remain faithful to the gospel. I don’t think they understood, but I trust you will. Our Lord said, it is required of a steward that he be found ‘faithful’. It is not up to the servant to decide or try to determine what the Master will be pleased to do with his faithful service. Now, you know that the hope of our salvation rest wholly on the faithfulness of Christ. He is the only One that pleased the Father with perfect faithfulness. Oh, but what a high calling it is, for a follower of Christ to be found faithful. Not only is it all we CAN do, it is all we should set our goals TO do. And, it will require all we can find in our Lord’s merciful grace to achieve. There is no greater success to set our ambitions toward. I challenge you to make it your goal. Be the most faithful member of your church you can be. Be faithful in worship services. Be faithful in prayer. Be faithful to encourage your brethren. Be faithful to bear one another’s burdens. Be faithful in giving. Be faithful in witnessing. I pray it could be said of us what Paul said of the house of Stephenos, they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints’. I Cor.16:15 What greater reward is there, than to hear Christ say, “well done good and faithful servant”?