One medicine for the soul

What if there was a doctor that prescribed the exact same medication for every one of his patients? It didn’t matter if you had a broken leg, heart disease, were blind, or had terminal cancer. This doctor always gave every person the same medicine. Your first reaction might be that this doctor was not very capable. He obviously didn’t understand the complexity of the human body. You would not trust such a doctor with your health. Now, what if every patient that took this doctor’s prescription was healed, regardless of their situation? Immediately, your attention has shifted from all thoughts and concerns for the doctor to this amazing miracle drug. What is it? How can I get some? What does it cost? Then, you find out that it is absolutely free –

You see it really doesn’t matter how sin has manifested itself in your life. Its outward effects differ for each of us. Unbelief is the sin that doth so easily besets us all, and it remains the same for us all. The one and only cure for our sin sick soul is the Balm in Gilead, Jer. 8:22. The leaves on the Tree of Life are the only medicine for our souls, Ez. 47:12.

A doctor once told me that ninety percent of medicine is treating the symptoms until the body heals itself. Make the patient as comfortable as possible while the good living cells multiply and the bad cells die. Man-made religion operates on the same philosophy. Man thinks his sin problem is that which manifest itself outwardly. So he goes about treating symptoms, not knowing that the real problem is unbelief. The sin sick soul cannot heal itself. There is no part of it that is good or alive. It is completely dead. It doesn’t need reformation, it needs regeneration, and that is a miracle of grace that only God can do.

Don’t look, even in the Bible, for precepts to address the symptoms of sin. Look unto Jesus the author and finisher of your faith. His glorious person and accomplished work is sufficient for every need. Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound, and grace comes through faith. Oh Lord, increase our faith.