Spiritual Prostitutes

The Lord calls Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots, the Great Whore. (Rev.17)  The mystery of Babylon is that her citizens do not see her or themselves as spiritual prostitutes. Spiritual prostitution is committed anytime and every time anyone tries to pay God for His favors. The glorious person and accomplished work of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is our only and full ground of acceptance before God. Anything else offered to barter God’s approval, whether it be in hand or heart, is of that great whore Babylon. If we attempt to approach God with our good works or our good intentions we are committing spiritual prostitution and proving ourselves to be the offspring of the Mother of Harlots. Add anything to Christ, ANYTHING, and you are on a futile mission to allure Him into the fornicating land of Babylon. He will not go there.

Coming to Christ with nothing but our sin, leaving all our righteousness behind requires a miracle of grace in regeneration. It remains a mystery to the natural man. Someone might say; ‘but my sin is too great’. This too is nothing but Babylonian self-righteousness veiled in false humility. Would you be more fit for salvation had you not committed such a grievous offense? No, my friend, you would not. Another may think; ‘I don’t know if I am committed enough’. Again, spiritual prostitution. You will never win God’s favor by the depth of your commitment. Come to Christ just like you are. Come with all your hypocrisies, all your shallow insincerities, and all the ugliness of your sin. It’s all you have.

Our commitment will deepen, our love will grow, and our faith will mature only as we see that these things have absolutely nothing to do with our acceptance before God. Our acceptance is found only in the Beloved.

Don’t be seduced by the harlot of Babylon. She is the ‘strange woman’ of Proverbs 5. She is full of deceit. “Remove thy way far from her and come not nigh the door of her house. Her end is bitter as wormwood”. In contrast to this great whore is the chaste bride of Christ, a virgin. May God be pleased to show us and make us to differ.