Tares among the wheat

The solution to “easy believism” is not “hard believism”. The solution to a life inconsistent with the gospel is not to look for proof in one’s outward behavior. Is the walk of faith “hard” on the flesh? Most definitely. Does true conversion consume every part of a believer’s life? Yes.

Men speak of having a “commitment to the Lordship of Jesus”, in an effort to expose and oppose those who are not committed. Usually those same men will imply that they are the standard of true commitment. Is it possible to have the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and not Lord? Absolutely not. Are there pretenders in the church? Yes. Are there tares among the wheat? The Lord said there is. He also said not to root them out lest we damage the wheat. Whenever we point men to evaluate their salvation by themselves, all we do is bolster the self-righteousness of the unbeliever and cause the true child of God to doubt their salvation. Let us preach Christ in the whole counsel of God. He’ll take care of dividing the sheep from the goats.