The is-ness of God

All men by nature create in the idol factory of their darkened imagination a god who is not. It is nothing more than a figment of their imagination. Whatever are the particulars of any man’s idol, it always ends up being a god he can control.

“He that cometh to God must believe that He is…” Heb. 11:6. The word of God reveals four things about the IS-NESS of God.  1. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of host. We dare not approach a Holy God without the blood of a spotless Lamb. 2. God is Spirit Jn. 4:24. We can not worship Him without the Holy Spirit revealing the truth about Christ. 3. “God is Light” I Jn. 1:4. In Him is no darkness at all. We can only know God in the Light of the gospel of His free grace. 4. “God is Love” I Jn. 4:8. The everlasting, infinite love of God can only be known in Christ.

The summary of these four aspects of God’s essential nature or IS-NESS of God is: I AM. The Sovereign, First Cause and Sustainer of all things is Jehovah. May He give us the grace to believe that He is.                                                         -Greg