Absolute or Progressive

Many believe salvation is progressive. They would say that no one can be sure if they are saved until it is too late. Very sadly, they keep hoping they have done enough. No, no, salvation is an absolute. Either you are, or you are not saved. And that has everything to do with whom you believe, not what you’ve done.

Others would say sanctification is progressive. They look at their lives and deceive themselves in believing they are getting better. They compare themselves to others and convince themselves they are ‘Holier than thou’. Or, they compare themselves to the law and take pride in thinking they are keeping it better than they used to. Like Salvation, sanctification is an absolute. Either one is holy in Christ, or they are still in their sins.

So, does the Bible teach us that any part of our faith is progressive? Yes, faith itself is progressive. “Lord, ‘INCREASE’ our faith.” Revelation is progressive. Love is progressive. Knowledge is progressive. “I pray that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in judgment” Phil. 1:9. Growth in grace (seeing more and more of our need for grace) and growth in the knowledge of Christ will progress until we see Him face to face and be made like Him.      -Greg