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September 20, 2020


Faith is not believing you are saved. Faith is believing that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God, the sovereign, successful, savior of sinners, and that your only hope of acceptance before a Holy God is to be found in Him, not having your own righteousness which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ. Phil. 3:9. Assurance of salvation is relative. Faith on the other hand, is always fully persuaded that what God promised, he was able also to perform. Rom. 4:21 ~GE

The Dinner Bell

I once went to an auction where they had a triangular dinner bell for sale. The auctioneer began to ring it again and again. After a few seconds, I must confess that it got a little irritating and monotonous to me as it rang the same note over and over. Not several notes, not two notes, but the same note again and again. However, as it stopped and the auction proceeded, I begin to realize, that is exactly what God’s preachers do week after week. They sound clearly the one note of the Gospel, which is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Has that one note become irritating and monotonous to you like the dinner bell did to me? I am convinced that dinner bell was a sweet sound to those who were hungry and called to dine by the sound of it. Sinner, you are bid to come to Christ and partake of Him, our Heavenly Manna, at the call of the gospel’s one note that we ring over and over again.
~David Eddmenson

“That Is The Problem”

A believer related a story to me about a discussion he had with another man (a very religious man) concerning the doctrine of election. When the man disagreed with the doctrine of election, the believer told him to search the scriptures of which the man replied, “I don’t need to search the scriptures.” I replied, “That is his problem.” People believe what they want to believe regardless of what the word of God teaches. Most try to make the word of God fit what they believe instead of believing what it says. The only warrant and foundation for all that we believe is the word of God. ~John Chapman
Will you also go away? - John 6.67

Our Lord had just finished a powerful and weighty lesson in truth which, in essence, focused all of salvation on Him. This was just too much for some of His disciples. No doubt some of His previous teachings had not set perfectly in their minds, but they had found a way to tolerate them so as to gain what they believed He was promising. But He had gone a step too far for them; they left and no longer followed Him. So, the Lord turned to the remaining disciples and asked them whether they were also going to leave. Peter answered for them and every other of the Lord’s disciples, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

It is safe to say that if a person has someone or something else to which they can go, they will eventually go. So long as Christ is one among several, a person will eventually choose someone else. The only ones who stay with Christ are those who have nowhere else to go. On this point every professing believer will be tried.
~Joe Terrell

Repentance and Faith Are Not Isolated Acts

My friend, repentance is not an isolated act. If any man ever repented, he continues to repent. If he ever quits repenting, he never did repent.
Faith is not an isolated act. Faith is a state of being. Faith is a condition. Faith is a product of a life principle which God puts in a sinner in regeneration. If a man ever believes in Christ, he keeps on believing in Christ. If he ever stops believing in Christ, he never did believe in Christ. ~Henry Mahan
“Preach the word” 2 Tim. 4:2

We assemble ourselves together today not for any vain reason of custom or conscience, but in obedience to Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. It is through the Gospel, the message of Christ and Him crucified that sinners are effectually drawn unto Him, the only hope of their salvation. The promise and faithfulness of God Almighty to bless His word is the reason that all carnal methods of false worship are shunned. May He be honored today and the people of God be blessed through the preaching of the cross. ~Marvin Stalnaker

To Thy temple we repair;
Lord, we love to worship there;
There, within the veil, we meet
Thee upon the mercy seat.

While Thy glorious name is sung,
Tune our lips, unloose our tongues;
Then our joyful souls shall bless
Thee, the Lord, our Righteousness.

While to Thee our prayers ascend,
Let Thine ear in love attend;
Hear us when Thy Spirit pleads,
Hear, for Jesus intercedes.

(Tune: “Depth of Mercy” p. 233)


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